Visitor Profile of BICSI India Conference & Seminar Attendees

BICSI India conference delegates represent several aspects of the ICT industry. With such a diverse group and the buying power behind them, choosing to exhibit at a BICSI conference is a smart investment.

⚬ Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs®)
⚬ Architects and Consultants
⚬ BICSI-Credentialed Specialists
⚬ Broadband Service Providers
⚬ Cabling Installers and Technicians
⚬ Civil Engineers
⚬ Communications Managers—Corporate and Government
⚬ Communications Resellers and VARs
⚬ Construction Managers (CMs)
⚬ Data Centre Designers and Engineers
⚬ Electronic Safety and Security Professionals
⚬ End Users
⚬ IT managers
⚬ Facility Owners and Managers
⚬ General Contractors
⚬ ICT Contractors
⚬ ICT Design Consultants
⚬ Management Professionals
⚬ Marketers
⚬ Network Designers and Administrators
⚬ Outside Plant (OSP) Engineers
⚬ Project Managers—Government, Military, Civilian and Corporate
⚬ Quality Controllers
⚬ Sales Engineers and Professionals
⚬ Wireless/Digital Professionals

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